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Class DOJO

Class DOJO is the primary means of communication between teachers and parents.

Please check Class DOJO once or twice a day.

How To Videos can be found on Class DOJO.

Google Classroom

Please refer to the Class DOJO App for updates and/or information.


  • All Math assignments will be on Zearn. Students are to do one lesson a day.                                                                                                               There are bonus assignments on Google classroom for Math.
  • Students can pick up their Zearn workbooks at the front office.
  • All Science, ELA, and Social Studies assignments are on Google Classroom.
  • Please refer to DOJO Class Story to find tutorial videos on how to set up your device.
  • Students should know their user name and password to log into Google Classroom.



  • Students who are unable to get online can pick up a packet with their assignments at Pine Wood's front office. 
  • These packets can  be picked up Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-12.
  • These packet are only for students who cannot get online.
  • All ELA, Social Studies, Math and Science assignments are in these packets.


Our First Distance Learning Lesson
Good morning Class smileyheart,
Today we will be doing Zearn: Mission 5 Lesson 28
Here is a link for you to watch a video of the lesson. I could not get a hyper-link to attach to it so you will have to hi-light the link, right click on it, and then scroll down about midway until you see the link. Click on it and it will take you to the lesson.

Once you have finished the video, you can get on Zearn and do your lessons. If you do not have your Zearn workbook yet, you can use a piece of paper.

Have fun doing your Science, ELA, and Social Studies in Google Classroom. I think you are going to enjoy using all the cool tools.

If you find a cool educational video or website about Science that you want to share with me, ask your parents to message it to  me and I will check it out. If it is appropriate I will pass it on to  your classmates. Remember it has to be educational and appropriate. Let's have fun learning about Science.

Love you guys.

Mrs. Deggs


Peri Deggs

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